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Fall Colors, Rain, Fog make for Awesome YYJ Photos!

October is here (wow, where did that summer go??) and with the fall comes cooler temperatures, rain, fog, drizzle, and all the other elements that combine to make for a great photo. Case in point, a morning visit to the rowing club at the south end of Elk Lake where the calm water, mist, and … Continue reading

Johnson Street Bridge Replacement Compared to Major Projects Will Blow Your Mind!

Finally some construction and movement seems to be taking place with the replacement of the Johnson St. Bridge. Delays and cost over-runs have topped the headlines in Victoria over the years and the blue bridge catastrophe is believed to have cost Dean Fortin his gig as Mayor of the city. Have you ever asked yourself … Continue reading

Victoria, Before and After – Photo Essay

A very fun, beautiful, and amazing look at Victoria and what once was, all told through a fun, interactive Swipe photo essay. Discover before and after glimpses of Old Victoria as you view an image from the 1800’s over-laid with today’s view of the same scene, sometimes amazing, sometimes depressing! Regardless, this site is awesome! … Continue reading

Victoria Welcomes Tacofino Commissary @TacofinoVic

Fish taco lovers this is for you… The Tacofino Commissary is now open in their new Fort St. Victoria location. Most of us in YYJ are very familiar with the colorful Tacofino food truck (if you aren’t then what rock have you been under??). Well now you enjoy the awesome fish tacos (and taco soup) … Continue reading

Victoria Vital Signs Report 2014

How is life in the Greater Victoria Region? A report from the Victoria Foundation has been re;eased to the public – enter the Victoria Vital signs Report. According to the report,¬†Residents of the capital region generally consider themselves happy and satisfied with many aspects of their lives, but some are struggling with issues such as … Continue reading

BC’s Tech Boom Not Just Attracting “Techies”

BC’s close proximity to San Francisco & deep talent pool has lured FB, Amazon & Microsoft. With local success stories like Hootsuite & Layer 7, the BC tech space is seeing rapid growth & it’s not just attracting “techies”. Entrepreneurs of all kind are catching the scent of opportunity. Case & point, Joe Facciolo & … Continue reading

Sadly Another Fine Victoria Restaurant is Gone – Businesses Gotta be good and smart!

Sadly, one of Victoria’s finest BBQ joints, Smoken Bones, shut their doors a couple of months ago (see Times Colonist June 25, 2014) .¬† This is a rather sad story, particularly as I really do love good, authentic BBQ and Smoken Bones was darned good at serving it up at a great price.¬† However, the … Continue reading

YYJ StartUp Summer MeetUp

Summer is here and that means time for the Start Up community to meet up and gather over some beer, wine , food and conversation. Join more than 100 Victoria technology enthusiasts, business folks, technology enthusiasts and others for an evening of fun and we’ll even get to hear from Mayor Fortin on the state … Continue reading

Happy Hour errr. un-happy hour Comes to B.C {finally} on June 20, 2014 – FINALLY!

Yes indeed, we all woke up in B.C today to a new liquor law that FINALLY allows liquor establishments to offer up Happy Hours to their customers – About freaking time B.C! For an industry that is struggling terribly thanks to huge liquor taxes, ancient liquor laws, and heavy handed tactics by law enforcement to … Continue reading

The Hotel Zed – Groovy Baby!

I have to hand it to the Hotel Zed, great idea turning what was likely just a ho hum, so-so, dreary and dull hotel/motel (aka. Accent Inn) into a pretty cool place and a fun experience – enter The Hotel Zed. The idea here is a cool, and un-pretentious experience at an affordable price, complete … Continue reading

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