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Johnson Street Bridge Replacement Compared to Major Projects Will Blow Your Mind!

Finally some construction and movement seems to be taking place with the replacement of the Johnson St. Bridge. Delays and cost over-runs have topped the headlines in Victoria over the years and the blue bridge catastrophe is believed to have cost Dean Fortin his gig as Mayor of the city.

Johnson St. Bridge (Credit: johnsonstreetbridge.com)

Johnson St. Bridge (Credit: johnsonstreetbridge.com)

Have you ever asked yourself how the construction of the bridge is moving along compared to other projects? Well, I’ve dug up some interesting stats that may blow your mind! If you aren’t already sickened by the slow progress and cost over runs then perhaps this will strike a cord with you. I decided to dig into this topic a little when it struck me that in the past I can recall seeing a project in the US where some 20 miles of 6 lane Interstate highway along with a massive interchange at a major crossing completed from start to finish in the time that the Blue bridge project has already taken (not even half way!)

According to the official Bridge website the construction is estimated to take 4 years (May 2013 – 2017) although most of us suspect that delays and a late completion is very likely – not to mention massive cost over-runs. Yes indeed, the massive Confederation Bridge to P.E.I was built in the same length of time it is estimated to replace the Johnson St. Bridge!

So, how long should it take to build a bridge? Here’s a few projects to compare:

  • Confederation Bridge (PEI) 4 years – Oct. 1993 – May 1997
  • Brooklyn Bridge (1883), construction took 13 years
  • Golden Gate Bridge (1937), 4 years
  • Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel (23 miles), 42 months
  • world’s longest sea bridge in China, 4 years
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge, 8 years
New Bridge in 2017

New Bridge in 2017 (Credit: johnsonstreetbridge.com)


Want more info on the Bridge? See this FAQ



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