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BC’s Tech Boom Not Just Attracting “Techies”

BC’s close proximity to San Francisco & deep talent pool has lured FB, Amazon & Microsoft. With local success stories like Hootsuite & Layer 7, the BC tech space is seeing rapid growth & it’s not just attracting “techies”. Entrepreneurs of all kind are catching the scent of opportunity. Case & point, Joe Facciolo & Skai Dalziel who own a restaurant marketing company recently dove into the tech space with their mobile gifting app Guusto. Neither of whom have ever written a single line of code. And they’re not alone.

Andrew Wilkinson, BC’s Minister of Technology, Innovation and Citizens’ Services –

“Throughout the province, I see entrepreneurs from all backgrounds finding creative ways to harness technology and come up with creative new products and services. B.C.’s vibrant tech sector, competitive tax environment and government supported initiatives, like the BC Venture Acceleration Program, are attracting a diverse range of companies to pursue opportunities in the tech sector.”


Vancouver skyline

Image credit: vincehow

Victoria Hansen, Marketing & Communications Specialist for the BC Innovation Council (BCIC) –

“Technology has become an essential part of any business and the barriers to entry have never been lower. For a business to succeed, it needs a strong founder team, a killer idea and a validated value proposition that resonates with the market – the actual technology is almost never the problem.”

Brad Lowe, Architect for the Wavefront Venture Acceleration program (named Canada’s top accelerator 2014) –

“We’re seeing a lot of smart entrepreneurs that are adopting technologies in their day to day lives. They understand how these technologies create opportunities for new and different businesses not IN tech but based ON tech. This bodes well for Vancouver creating more successful businesses with market pull, instead of technology push.”

Joe Facciolo, Co-Founder of Guusto –

“Vancouver now boasts about a dozen accelerators that offer mentorship, shared office space and help with fundraising. There is support out there for those who have a sound business model and can prove to the admissions panel (a group of seasoned tech entrepreneurs) that you have a chance to be the next big thing. It’s an exciting time to be in the Vancouver tech industry.”

“Guusto is taking the idea of picking up the tab at lunch for a client or buying a friend a drink and allowing you to do it when you can’t be there in person. And to really make someone’s day, we donate one day of clean drinking water for every gift sent.”

New District, an e-commerce platform for boutique wine delivery and Total Fitness, an app that provides customized workout and meal plans as well as motivating playlists and tasty recipes for encouragement are just a few examples of Vancouver startups in which founders are not the technology experts you would expect.

Source: Joe Facciolo


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