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Happy Hour errr. un-happy hour Comes to B.C {finally} on June 20, 2014 – FINALLY!

Yes indeed, we all woke up in B.C today to a new liquor law that FINALLY allows liquor establishments to offer up Happy Hours to their customers – About freaking time B.C! For an industry that is struggling terribly thanks to huge liquor taxes, ancient liquor laws, and heavy handed tactics by law enforcement to scare the crap out of anyone from consuming more than one beer and hopping into a vehicle (disclaimer, I don’t condone drinking and driving at all but I also take offense to being stopped in road checks pretty much every Friday evening and sometimes twice in one day – its overkill) This from the official PR release…

B.C Happy Hour infographic B.C Happy Hour Rules described

Consistent with the views heard from both industry and health advocates during the Liquor Policy Review, B.C.’s minimum drink prices are in place to encourage responsible consumption and are based on ounces of alcohol sold at licensed establishments. The minimum price an establishment can charge is $3 for a drink – which, for example, would buy a single ounce cocktail, a five ounce glass of wine or 12 ounce sleeve of beer or cider.

Also… Hosts of family Special Occasion Licence (SOL) events may now serve homemade and UBrew/UVin beer, wine or cider – offering further flexibility for consumers. Also, owners of UBrews and UVins, as well as their family members, are now permitted to own other liquor-related establishments – an out-of-date rule that has been updated under modernized liquor policies.

Check out this infographic for detailed information on B.C.’s new minimum drink prices: https://flic.kr/p/o2NVEq

Read more on the state of happy hour – Open Letter to Suzanne Anton & John Yap – Why Is My Happy Hour Beer This Week More Expensive Than My Regularly Priced Beer Last Week?


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