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Feasting On Some Notable “Best Of YYJ” Things in Victoria B.C

I’m not really in the habit of penning an annual “Best of” list or hold a competition etc… however, given we have a new year I felt it was a great time to roll out a personal list of some “Best of” things in Victoria. You may agree or disagree with some of these, regardless, these are some fine places to visit and patronize.. enjoy and please do feel free to drop a comment listing a Best of Victoria suggestion!


And so, some of my Best of Victoria picks:

  • Annual Pass Deal – IMAX
  • Appies – Flying Otter
  • Beach – Island View Beach
  • Beer local brewery – Phillips Beer
  • Beer brew pub – Swans
  • Beer new brewery – Hoyne
  • Bike Shop – MEC
  • BBQ – Smokenbones (try the brisket!)
  • Bakery – Cobbs
  • Chinese Food – Fan Tan Cafe
  • Ear Piercing – Painted Lotus Studio
  • Event Venue – VEC
  • Gym (members only) – Studio4
  • Gym (pubic) – Saanich Commonwealth Place
  • Lap pool – Commonwealth place
  • Local conference – social media camp
  • Local social meetup – Pechakucha
  • Lounge – Bengal Room
  • Most likely place to get crapped on by seaguls – 1000 Block Wharf St
  • Music (free) – Music in the park, Butchart Gardens
  • Movie Theatre – IMAX
  • Movie (budget) – UVic Cinecenta
  • Neighborhood Pub – Monkey Tree
  • Offleash dog area – Centennial Park Central Saanich
  • Pho – Phonomenal
  • Pizza – Olive Grove
  • Pizza (cheap) – 2nd slice
  • Place to run (scenic) – Dallas Rd + breakwater
  • Place to run (inland) – Beaver / Elk Lake
  • run / hike vertical – Mt. Douglas Park
  • Sandwich – Red Barn market deli, West Saanich Rd.
  • Seafood Taco – Red Fish Blue Fish
  • Soup – Paggliaccis
  • Starbucks – Cook St.
  • Strap on the feed bag – Prairie Inn
  • Sushi – Fujiya
  • View point – Mt. Tolmie

Got a Best of Victoria suggestion??


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