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Fall Photography In Victoria – 10 Awesome Colorful Photo Shoot Locations

Fall is definitely my favorite time of the year for taking photos. The vibrant, fall colors, the red, yellow, and orange leaves, the bright yellows, the striking sunrise and sunsets, the hanging mist in the air, they all make for a great photo opp! Portraits aren’t really my thing but I will say that if I was shooting family portraits or something a bit different for a wedding I’d be outside amongst the colors (hint, wear black) and shooting up a storm. Right here in Victoria there’s some great places to snap pics and you don’t need to go far or over think it! Here’s 10 places to consider shooting some fall pics of the kids, the dog or ??

Hatley Castle – I know, it goes without saying but the castle and grouns of Royal Roads are gorgeous… if you haven’t been for a while head on out and enjoy the grounds.

Lt. Governor’s Mansion – This is a place for the people if you didn’t already know that. The grounds of the mansion are beautiful and there’s many terrific places to take a seat and snap some pics… careful on Saturday though as you’ll need to fight a wedding party for real estate!

Beacon Hill Park – Another no-brainer I guess but the park really does have some great places for a photo shoot. Think out of the box and venture into some areas that you’ve never been to before! Walk the trails in the trees, head over to areas around the lake and maybe even climb a tree, there’s tons of awesome places with vibrant colors.

Beaver Lake Park – on a sunny day the colors will amaze you. There’s not many people around and the reflection on the lake can be stunning – oh, and be sure to bring the dog, it’s a great place to let the pooch run free!

Fall colors at Beaver Lake Park

Butchart Gardens – Another one that goes without saying but given the small crowds that I’ve witnessed, many of you don’t have a season pass! It really is one of the best deals around! For about $50 you can have access to the Gardens 365 days of the year and the place and foliage changes with the seasons. Go early in the evening and make sure to go down into the Japanese Gardens – my favorite!

Island View Beach – Folks on the Peninsula already know this but if you don’t get out that way then be sure to hit the beach, particularly early in the morning when the sun rises over the Washington State Mountains and near dusk when the sky changes to amazing, vibrant colors thanks to the sun diving in the west – some days the low sun will bounce off Mt. Baker providing an amazing backdrop. Don’t just stay on the beach either, check out the fields behind the tenting campground and walk south on the beach towards the cliffs… its amazing!

Mt. Doug Park – Perhaps some of the most awesome fall colors around, the park has a TON of trees that are dropping leaves faster than you can imagine.. be sure to walk up the service road on the water side for an amazing photo opp and if you have time walk the back trails up to the summit (about 30 minutes for most)

Laurel Point Inn walkway – I hang out downtown a fair bit with my camera and a favorite walking trail of mine is to follow the walking paths along the water from the Clipper ferry Terminal all the way to Fisherman’s Wharf. The grounds of the Laurel Point Inn are particularly beautiful and provide some great photo shoot locations.

St. Anne’s Academy – I just love grounds here! Besides offering plenty of street parking, the area around the Academy is gorgeous, loaded with huge, old trees, and best of all you get a nice blend of amazing historical architecture and teasers of modern buildings. Spend time walking around the whole place and be sure to walk through the pathway that takes you into Beaacon hill Park – it’s awesome back there!

Fort Rodd Hill – Perhaps another place you don’t visit too often, the “Hill” is a National Park with loads of treed areas, lots of interesting history, awesome ocean views, a lighthouse and more – take the family on a Sunday!

Where do you like to take fall photos around Victoria? Tweet me @yyjpics


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