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Play Ball – Victoria Area Little League Baseball Registration Info

As a parent I know it can be frustrating when you miss out on things like registration deadlines for youth sports. Baseball is particularly challenging because there’s a number of different leagues in the Greater Victoria area, the age bracket names can be confusing, start times vary, some leagues have tryouts, and then there’s advanced / travel leagues etc… Indeed there’s loads to sort out. For people new to the city it can be down-right frustrating… I’ve been there! Note, I was also a baseball coach for 8 years and had a son who played for 10 years so I’ve tested a number of leagues.

If you’re interested in signing up your child NOW is the time to start making plans. Scope out a league (typically based on your area of residence) and determine the level of ball that he/she will want to be playing (ie. rec league or travel). For younger kids, below 10, the advanced options are limited although they may exist – some leagues have additional summer play during the summer for a rep or all star style of team. For older kids (greater than 15) there’s several travel teams in the region that may be of interest (Search out the Eagles and the Mariners . Tryouts are held, a large commitment and time and money is also required… and be prepared to travel!  Finally, for teens that are really HOT on baseball, be sure to check out the Lambrick Park High School baseball Academy program, a unique program for advanced ball players at the high school level.

Please note, when searching for little league clubs they will likely be affiliated with an organized baseball charter. This will either be Little League International Baseball or perhaps Cal Ripken League – rules vary on the two so be aware (myself, I’m not a fan at all of the Cal Ripken system). Teens take note, most leagues will be looking for umpires and this is a great way to learn some valuable skills and make a little extra $$

For Victoria area little league baseball registration see the following:


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